News release

News release

  • 2019.01.07

Personnel Changes FY2019

Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd. (NPAU) announced the Personnel Changes as follows

effective from 1st January 2019.



1.Directors and Auditors

 Designation  Name  Responsibility
 President  Shoichi Mure   -
 Senior Vice President  Shinji Takedagawa  General Administration Division
 Director  Takeshi Nakano  CEO, NPA Coatings, Inc.
 CEO, NB Coatings, Inc.
 CEO, Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Mexico S.A. DE C.V.
 Audit & Supervisory Board Member  Tsutomu Akagi  -
 Audit & Supervisory Board Member  Takahiko Morita  -


*Further, previous president, Mitsuo Yamada was inaugurated as adviser.




 Designation  Name  Responsibility
 Vice President  Masaya Suzuki
 Executive Officer  Kozo Nasu  E-coat Business
 Executive Officer  Motoshi Hagiwara  Primer/Topcoat Business
 Executive Officer  Koichi Ohara  Plastic Business
 Executive Officer  Masayuki Tanaka  Sales and Marketing Division
 Executive Officer  Shoichi Yamaguchi  Manufacturing Division


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