Design Log

Design Log

Design Log

Constantly tapping into
the possibilities of paint film
and delivering fresh, fun color designs

Our lives are filled with many colors. The eye of the average person can recognize 10,000 different hues. When it comes to automobiles, these colors are multiplied by textures like metallic and pearl for an infinite number of design possibilities.
Automotive coatings consist of a few microns of paint film that must both be attractive to the eye and protect the auto body.
Designing these coatings requires advanced technology to create the optimal mix of materials—pigment, brightening agent, resin, and so on—all while ensuring that the formula functions as paint film.
Vehicle designs are also in a state of constant change in line with the times, the place, and the consumers’ lifestyle. Our mission at NPAU is to develop paint formulation technologies always while creating designs with value.

Our passion encapsulated in the three LOGs

We at NPAU call the process of developing new colors, ranging from design planning to paint formulation, the Design LOG. All of our activities seek to enhance the design value of the automobile’s interior and exterior.
This LOG represents three concepts.


The first is “log book.”
Ships keep a log book in which to record the vessel’s speed, weather conditions, and myriads of other information. We work from various angles to collect information such as market trends and forecasts, and organize the data accurately to determine the direction of new designs.


The second is “logical.”
A logical analysis of trends and paint design technologies are indispensable to setting design targets and realizing them.


The third is “log in.”
We create color designs that had never existed before with the hope that drivers log in to the color that meets their needs.