NPAC has worked constantly to improve manufacturing to provide safe and high-quality products and services as an automotive coatings manufacturer with many advanced technologies. We are developing environmentally friendly products in line with tighter environmental regulations of many countries to create a sustainable society. NPAC is building on its globally integrated platform to accelerate the development of products that can meet the needs of society. To accomplish this goal, we are making substantial capital investments in Japan and overseas, including investments for the development of water-based paint and coatings that reduce CO2 emissions in the painting process. . We are also taking many actions for success in the era of Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) mobility.
With about 5,600 employees worldwide, NPAC will strengthen governance and human resource development activities to develop and manufacture high-quality products in countries with different cultures and business environments. We will encourage and inspire each other to aim for technological innovation based on mutual respect and strong lines of communication among ourselves regardless of country or region. We are determined to become the leading company in the automotive coatings industry as the most trusted partner for our customers.

President and Representative Director of the Board

Shinji Takedagawa