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Taking coatings and services honed to high quality in the Japanese auto industry, and expanding it globally

As a pioneering manufacturer of paint in Japan, Nippon Paint supports a broad range of industries with industrial, architectural, marine, and trade-use paints. Automotive coatings make up a core business field that has won solid trust and built a track record with quality and technology honed in Japan's world-class automotive industry.
The establishment of Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings (NPAU) in April 2015 set the stage for further expanding the automotive coatings business into the global market. We at NPAU will continue to improve on our value-added coatings and services, and aim to be the world's best supplier in the automotive market.

Supplying the world with a spectrum of high-quality products

Our high-quality paint has met the exacting standards of Japanese automakers and been supplied to production sites throughout Japan and beyond. The technology and knowledge we have accumulated along the way promises to be a strength in the global market. Moving forward, we are set to offer automotive coatings tailored to the needs of production sites in four countries and regions in addition to Japan: America (North, Central, and South), Europe, China, and Asia.

Supplying the world with a spectrum of high-quality products

Paint is applied to the surface of the auto body and parts, baked to form a cured film, and at last becomes part of the final product. When shipped, however, paint is in a liquid state and thus an intermediate product. Quality control is extremely difficult at this delicate stage, and properties of the film such as color and smoothness are determined by the environment in which the paint is applied and baked.
Our strength lies in the technical expertise to stabilize the paint quality and deliver the optimal film performance for the customer's needs and production environment. We strive for customer satisfaction through Japanese-style commitment to quality and meticulous services.

Supporting sales with color designs tailored to meet regional needs

We work to strengthen the networking and research capabilities of group companies in and outside Japan toward developing paint tailored to the market and supporting sales in various countries and regions. Our goal is not only to grasp customer needs but also to create new value unique to NPAU.
These efforts include the development and presentation of Premium Color products designed to enhance the value of the car. In Japan, we constantly update our color designs to suit drivers' tastes and expectations, and propose to our customers—automakers—Premium Color products for each vehicle model. As a result, sales have increased significantly of a number of models featuring our Premium Color products. We hope to extend activities like this worldwide.

Reducing energy consumption and streamlining operations at production sites

We at NPAU even help our customers reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency. To reduce the cost of air-conditioning, for instance, we offer paint that maintains stable quality when applied in varying temperature and humidity conditions at the production site. And to save energy spent in the bake cycle and streamline operations, we offer paint that requires a low-temperature, short-duration bake cycle.
Taking advantage of the network of Nippon Paint Holdings Group companies in and outside Japan, we also practice optimal procurement from a global perspective to reduce the cost of raw materials at our own production bases in various countries and regions.

Developing environmentally friendly coatings that conform to country-specific regulations

We work on a continuous basis to develop and supply waterborne and low-solvent paint that satisfies emissions regulations on hazardous substances such as carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and heavy metal. Our products such as ECO Electrodeposition (ED) Paint, which reduces the impact of the ED process on the environment, and Three Wet-on-Wet Coating, a new technology that eliminates the bake cycle between surfacer and topcoat, also contribute to significant energy savings at coating lines.

Reducing vehicle weight with a wealth of know-how in plastic paint systems

The growing number of cars sold particularly in developing countries has spurred the move toward lighter-weight materials used in the auto body and parts for improved fuel efficiency and reductions in CO2 emissions. We at NPAU draw on our wealth of technical expertise and knowledge in paints and coatings for new substrates to replace steel, such as aluminum, light metal, carbon resin, and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).

Biomimetics and more — Presenting the fruit of advanced research in Japan to the world

Our R&D base at NPAU conducts research into various cutting-edge technologies to create the next value-added product and contribute to the sales promotion efforts of automakers. One such field of research is biomimetics, a rising method of analyzing unique design and coloration mechanisms in nature and applying it to useful technologies. Take, for instance, the pattern of butterfly wings and the changing color of jewel beetle wings and autumn leaves. We unravel the mechanism behind these phenomena and apply it to paint film with an eye to creating an industrial product—paint—that surpasses the design of the original from nature.

A world leading paint maker covering the entire automotive coating process

Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings (NPAU) is a world leading paint maker that handles in-house the design and production of all coatings for the auto body—electrodeposition (ED) paint, surfacer, and basecoat/topcoat—as well as plastic paint for bumpers and interior parts.
Drawing on the expertise we have accumulated in automotive paint, we also offer coating systems that draw out the characteristics of each paint while maximizing and enhancing overall performance.

Pretreatment For pretreatment, performed before the coating process, we offer products such as Surfcleaner, a degreasing agent to remove oil and dirt from the steel surface before applying ED and general paint, and Surfdine and Surftech, to form an inorganic film of zinc phosphate or iron phosphate also called a chemical film.
Electrodeposition Our ED paint provides rust protection in various weather conditions around the world, as well as excellent corrosion protection, chip resistance, and throwing power. This is the ultimate labor-saving coating system, as it requires no human labor from material loading to unloading.
Surfacer/Top coat
Surfacer/topcoat Our wet-on-wet system reduces the number of bake cycles to once for the surfacer and topcoat combined. This compares to the conventional once each for the undercoat, surfacer, and topcoat. It contributes to step and energy savings for automakers.
Plastic coatings
Plastic paint Our functional plastic paint for bumpers, side panels, and wheel caps provide high weather resistance and impact absorbance while creating a sense of unity between these parts and the auto body. It holds the number-one share in the market.
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